On-Page Word Count: How many words should I have on a page? Part 3

This is part three of our quest of looking for how many words we should have on a page. For this round, we varied the number of words once again and had a 2% keyword density, same as with the first two tests. 

Round Three

For the third test, we used between 300 and 3400 words. Our goal was to test our hypothesis that a page containing 1300 words was the optimal word count. 

The results of round three looks promising.

Round Four

After running the test, we them attempted to zero in on a more precise number, thus, test four. This test was run using a range of 1100 – 1450. We were hoping to narrow the range further, perhaps even confirm somewhere between 1100 – 1300 words, as the optimum number. However, the results were not consistent enough to say that we’d found the perfect number of words. The results in the narrowed test muddled.

This indicates that Google is more concerned in the macro or in the particular range, rather than nailing down a single number. What we can glean for this series of tests is that, somewhere between 1100 and 1600 appears to be the sweet spot, when it comes to how many words should you have on your page. We would still shoot for around 1300. 

This is huge! You no longer have to wonder how many words you should aim for on a page. You can be confident in knowing the tested range. 

Now that we have answered the question on how many words should a page have, it’s time to check out other factors that could help you get your page ranked. Check out our test articles for more must know and must dos!

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